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Position in French Guiana, France

Nouveau Wakapou, additionally Nouveau Wacapou, is an Aluku maroon village positioned at the Lawa River in French Guiana. The village is positioned around the Surinamese gold mining village of Benzdorp.[2]


Within the early twentieth century gold was once found out within the area which led to an exponential expansion of Nouveau Wakapou. By means of 1938, the inhabitants was once about 1.000 folks and it was once greatest village of the area, on the other hand the village began to say no from the Nineteen Fifties onwards.[2] Round 2022, the inhabitants was once 150 folks and it was once principally inhabited through Aluku maroons.[1][3] Lots of the population adhere to the 7th-day Adventist Church.[1]

In 2003, a faculty was once in-built Nouveau Wakapou.[4][1] There are not any stores within the village, and it’s depending on Maripasoula or Benzdorp.[1][5] The Mankassiaba Soula rapids are positioned close to the village within the Lawa River.[6]


Nouveau Wakapou is positioned about 20 mins downstream from Maripasoula.[1] It can be reached through automobile from Maripasoula through taking the street to Papaichton, and taking a flip close to the airport.[6]



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