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Obaidullah Hamzah (Bengali: ওবায়দুল্লাহ হামযাহ; born 1972) is a Bangladeshi Islamic pupil, trainer and economist. He’s the 6th director-general of Al Jamia Al Islamia Patiya and the top of its Arabic division.[1] He’s additionally the secretary-general of the Bangladesh Tahfizul Quran Guild, a member of the Social Islami Financial institution’s sharia supervisory committee, assistant editor of the Bengali per month At-Tawhid and the executive editor of Arabic mag Balagh ash-Sharq.

Early existence and schooling[edit]

Hamzah used to be born in 1972, to a Bengali Muslim circle of relatives within the village of Digalia-Palang in Ukhia, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. His father’s identify used to be Amir Hamzah. Hamzah finished his preliminary schooling on the Digalia-Palang Qasimul Uloom Madrasa prior to continuing to review at Al Jamia Al Islamia Patiya the place he finished his Masters in Hadith research. He won first-class on the central examinations from the Anjuman-e-Ittehad al-Madaris exam board. In 1992, he won first-class from the Hadith checks through Befaqul Madarisil Arabia. The next 12 months, he finished his research of Bengali literature and analysis division from the Patiya madrasa.[2]

After finishing his schooling, Hamzah began his profession as a trainer of Hadith on the Dar as-Sunnah Madrasa in Cox’s Bazar. Between 1994 and 2000, Hamzah used to be hired as a trainer and translator underneath the Saudi ministries of spiritual affairs and defence. In 2001, he turned into a trainer at Al Jamia Al Islamia Patiya. From 2003 to 2005, he used to be the host of an Islamic radio programme in South Africa. In 2008, he took participated within the interfaith discussion held in Mecca. Hamzah toured Thailand in 2012, the place he gave speeches in 30 other faculties, Islamic establishments, radio stations and Thai Muslim TV. In 2013, Hamzah took phase in an World Humanities Legislation Direction in Beirut, Lebanon which used to be part of a three way partnership through the Arab League and World Crimson Go and Crimson Crescent Motion.[2][3] He turned into a member of the Social Islami Financial institution’s sharia board in 2013.[4] Hamzah has additionally held the function of khatib on the Halishahar A-Block Central Mosque.[2] After the dying of Rahmatullah Kawthar Nizami on 13 August 2019, Hamzah used to be elected as the following secretary-general of the Bangladesh Tahfizul Quran Guild.[5] All through a shura at Al Jamia Al Islamia Patiya on 25 August 2020, Hamzah used to be appointed because the assistant-director of the madrasa. After Abdul Halim Bukhari’s dying in 2022, Hamzah used to be nominated because the performing director-general,[6] and due to this fact the director-general on 7 July 2022.[7][8]


  • On 22 August 2018, the Muslim Global League revealed a piece on kindness and benevolence in Islam. Articles written through Islamic students from 64 international locations have been authorised, and from that, 8 articles have been nominated to be part of the respectable e-newsletter. A few of the 8 revealed articles, the thing introduced within the first consultation used to be written through Obaidullah Hamzah. Hamzah used to be awarded within the convention and invited to Hajj.[9]


Hamzah is the executive editor of the Arabic mag Balagh ash-Sharq and the assistant editor of the Bengali per month mag At-Tawhid. Amongst his written and edited books are:[2]

  1. Charity in Islam: Advantages and Excellences.
  2. Human Dignity and Lifeless Frame Control in Islam
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