OCD is a disorder related to anxiety and it’s all about several thoughts that may cause repetitive behaviour and Actions. 

Obsession are thoughts that people who are suffering from OCD constantly perform the same task that they were doing before. they seek relief from obsession – related anxiety. some people with OCD experience sexual obsession that may have thoughts or imagines of “Kissing, touching and rape with strangers, animals, family members or a person of any age.

Compulsion some common compulsion include hand washing cleaning checking things E.G Door on lock repeating actions ordering items in a certain way. some people do certain things over and over again they do not necessarily perform these actions, for example, Bedtime routine, learning a new Skills repeating some Phrases. some people with OCD use to check somethings of many times, for example, a person compulsively checking the front Door that the time is taken and stress caused by one more check of the front door is lock or not or someone can enter to it and thus checking is a better option.

Children 1-2% of children are affected by OCD symptoms develop more in children that are 10-14 years of age with males displaying symptoms at an earlier age. 

the Symptoms are that they scared to touch things other people have touched or you don’t want to hug or shake hands with others.they may feel stressed when objects are out of place. they thought about hurting your self-washing and Cleaning fear of evil. Families should care about those patients who are suffering from OCD they should take care of them and get them complete treatment from psychologists to live them freely in their life’s without anxiety and stress 


Submitted by “Maria Akbar”