Online Earning Money Free: Internet is a hot topic in the 21st century, you can be a successful and million-dollar person overnight with the help of the Internet. A number of opportunities are available for educated and uneducated persons. People are earning money online with a number of methods on the Internet. Today we will discuss a few methods with you which are famous in India and Pakistan. People are earning from $500 to $10000 per month from these techniques.

10 Best Online Earning Money Free Methods

10 best free online earning money methods will be discussing today. Everyone on the internet throughout the world using these methods. So, don’t waste any time let we explain these methods

1. Blogging

Blogging is the most common way to earn money from the internet. Online Earning Money Free from blogging is very simple you need to create a blog on a niche that you familiar with. You write content for your blog and then optimize your content for ranking in search engines like google, yahoo, and bing. To create your blog you just need an active internet connection with a Mobile, PC or Laptop and you are free to start your blog from anywhere, any time and on any topic. When you are done with uploading content you need to apply for monetizing your blog from Google or any other ads network.

Here it’s all to start Online Earning Money Free from blogging. For the ease of people who are not familiar with blogging, we are going to explain everything in steps for them. So that everyone who is reading this article can start their blog and start earning online free from the home, beach or during the travel from anywhere around the world. Blogging is easy to start and easy to start earning from blogging. About 3 million people from Asia are earning money online from blogging. Below are the steps for earning online

  1. The very first step to start blogging is selecting niche.topic on which you will create your blog or publish your articles. I will recommend you to choose a topic about which you can write articles by yourself. The topic for which you don’t need to hire someone. So that your content writing expense can be reduced. I can be anything like you can start a blog about fashion designing if you like, a blog about health tips, a blog about fat loss, your blog can be about gardening, you can start a blog about pets food, clothes, and care tips. For your ease and Online Earning Money Free, we gather a list of most papular niches which you can download from here. This is a list of 1700+ niches on which you can start your blog.
  2. When you did with choosing your niche for a blog. Next step waiting for you that are choosing a platform for your blog. There are two ways to host your blog on the internet first method is a free one that is also known as web 2.0 websites. In this method, you choose  or and another web 2.0 platform for hosting your blog which is free. When you choose web 2.0 for hosting your blog these platforms provide you sub-domain for your blog. This means you don’t need to buy a domain for your blogs. On the other hand, you choose a paid web hosting plan for your blog and buy a domain name for your blog. We will shortly add an article about the best website and domain platform.
  3. When you buy a hosting and domain you need to start uploading content on Your website write 600 to 3000 words articles on your blog.
  4. After publishing content you need to optimize your content for higher ranking in Search engines like Google, yahoo, and bings. To learns Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you can visit YouTube or buy the course of SEO Expert.
  5. After publishing 25 to 30 articles you can apply for google absences and you can make $500 to $5000 per month.
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2. Youtube

Online Earning Money Free Youtube is another best way to earn money online free in India and Pakistan. A number of people already earning from Youtube in India and Pakistan. To start earning from Youtube you need to follow the same steps as we follow in blogging. We will first select a niche on which we will create our videos, to monetize your youtube channel you need to complete 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours watch time on your channel videos. After that, you will apply for a youtube partner and your channel will be reviewed by the Professionals on Youtube. If your channel according to youtube polices your channel will be approved. This is all for youtube.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Online Earning Money Free Affiliate Marketing is growing nowadays in Pakistan. You can start affiliate marketing with your website and Youtube channel or any other social media profile on which you have a good following. To start affiliate marketing you need to select a niche also but in this method, you will select a niche of products like you can sell cameras and Mobile stands fat loss products, etc.

Then you join affiliate networks like Amazon Associate Network. Then you write reviews on your website or create a review videos on youtube channel or write an article on your social media platform and provide an affiliate link for the product and share it with people. Then people click on that link and then purchase product in return you revive commission from the affiliate network. You receive a commission from the affiliate network around 2% to 15%.

4. Website Selling

Online Earning Money Free by Website selling. This is the best way and less competitive way for online earning in Pakistan. Only a few people are working on this method most of the people in Pakistan are unaware of it. So, today The Youth International Pakistani Newspaper will teach you how you can start Online Website selling business from home to become another million-dollar person in Pakistan. Let start

First Method

  • First of All, you have to pick a niche to build a website.
  • You can start a website on Blogger or you can purchase you own domain and host
  • Write at least 30 to 100 articles on it and apply for monetization with Google Adsense
  • When your Website monetized with Google sale it on different Facebook groups and other selling networks
  • You can sale From $300 to $5000 depends upon the worth of website

Second Method

  • Follow the first steps of the first method
  • Start Off-Page SEO of Your Website and Increase its DA and PA up to 30+
  • Now you can sale your website easily on Facebook, local community, and website selling networks.
  • You can sale 30+ DA and PA website in $1000 to $10000 easily

Third Method

  • Create an Affiliate website by following affiliate marketing methods
  • Rank your product pages and start getting organic sales on your Affiliate website
  • Rank 20 to 50 Products on the first 3 results of Search Engines
  • See the results at least for 2 months and find the average of your earning and multiply it will 300 this will be the cost of your Website.
  • You can sale 20 to 50 ranked product website in Facebook groups easily

Fourth Method

  • Create a dropshipping store online
  • Rank the products of dropshipping website in search engines
  • When your dropshipping store starts sales
  • Analyze your dropshipping store by estimating average sales on it
  • Increate its price up to 100 to 300 per cent and sale it on Facebook and other website selling networks.

5. Web-hosting Reselling Business

Website hosting is another important part of Internet. without a website, hosting may no website exist on the internet. So, Web-hosting business has a number of opportunities as it is a necessary part of the Internet. You can start web-hosting business in Pakistan from your home. Two methods you can follow to start this business today. Fire method is by reselling web-hosting and second method is by Purchasing your own server and establishing it for the purpose of Webhosting. We will discuss both methods one by one.

First Method

  • In this first method, you have to choose one hosting network which can be Amazon, Bluehost, Neam Cheap, Hostinger and Godaddy. After choosing one from the above listed network. Check there reselling packages. In this way, you have to apply for reselling as the reselling request approved.
  • Now you need to step up your own website on Which you highlight all the services which are you offering to the people.
  • Mention all hosting packages with some addition of an amount that you want to earn as a profit.
  • You can also establish a domain business with the same website.
  • When someone orders a hosting package first they will pay you according to your mention rates. Then you have to take your profit from that money and pay to remain to web-hosting service providers.

Second Method

  • In this second method, you have to purchase your own virtual host or you have to purchase a server to build a web hosting network from it.
  • This method may increase the cost of business but in this method, you have your own choice of services, and profit will be greater than the previous one.
  • When you purchase your virtual host or your own server now you need to customize it by your own self if you have the knowledge or hire someone to Did this job for you.
  • When the host is ready to sell, create your web hosting website and start selling it.

Marketing for Hosting

  • You can sell your hosting by posting on Facebook Blogging and Freelance groups.
  • Create a Facebook page and optimize it for organic reach or run Facebook ads on the internet.
  • Do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website and rank your web hosting page on first 3 results of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • You can also run Ads on Google by Google Adsense to boost your sales on the Internet.
  • Promote your web hosting packages on Social media platforms and other services websites.
  • Submit your business to local business directories will your website and services link.
  • This is all required to start a business today on the Internet.

6. Domain Business

7. Freelancing

8. Online Teaching/Coaching

9. FaceBook

10. Dropshipping