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Osteocephalus mimeticus is a frog within the circle of relatives Hylidae endemic to the state of Amazonas in Brazil and the state of Amazonas in Venezuela. Scientists assume it may also are living in Colombia.[1] This frog lives in white-sand forests.[2]


The grownup male measures 47.5 – 58.4 mm in snout-vent duration and the grownup feminine frog 54.6 – 65.3 m. Grownup male frogs have many huge tubercules on their pores and skin and grownup feminine frogs have fewer, smaller tubercules. The grownup frog is gentle brown, yellow-brown, or red-brown at the again. A few of them have darkish brown or black marks. There’s a darkish interorbital stripe and canthal stripe. There’s a darkish line by way of every aspect of the jaw. The perimeters of the frame are yellow-white and would possibly have brown spots or marks. The interior portions of the hind legs are gentle brown. The abdominal is whitish in colour. The decrease aspects of the legs are red or orange in colour.[2]

Metamorph frogs are grey in colour with darker grey marks. There’s a grey stripe between the eyes.[2]

The tadpoles are 33.0 – 34.5 mm lengthy from nostril to the top of the tail.[2]


This frog is threatened by way of habitat loss from logging and different clearing. As a result of this frog simplest lives in forests with white sand, it’s extra liable to habitat losss than different frogs.[2]

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