There are so many cases all across the world, in which acceptance of more than 2 daughters is difficult, even for modern, educated, settled families, it’s difficult to welcome more than two or three Baby girls and it’s natural. but what not I right am to create fear, risk and phobia in mothers heart for daughters.

19 years old young girl was living a married and middle-class life and maybe happy too. Her husband was the only child and support to his mother. Things went wrong when she had her third daughter. After delivery, no one was contented because everyone wants a boy who can proceed family and to be a part of his father’s pride and support in elder age and obviously to take care of assists.

Keeping in view the scenario according to me, Allah Almighty was testing their patience and Allah was happy from them in another aspect so he blessed them with blessings. Despite all these circumstances, she decided to stay strong and be faithful because staying tough was the only option left. Exact after a year, she was again pregnant, her mother in law took her for ultrasound and doctor give them the good news of expecting girl, suffering misery and nervousness as she was familiar with all crisis. So much was running inside her mind. She was expecting from Allah to give her blessing instead of mercy.

Because this time she was in danger and frustrated at the same time. When her husband came to know, he started domestic violence. Now she was in more pain including stitches, marks, unfriendly environment and loneliness. Motherlove is unconditional and infinite. Her maternal family also wanted a boy this time just for the sake of their daughter’s inner peace. Her husband and in-laws were continuously forcing her to go for miscarriage. His mother in law and husband’s threats were conked out but fears have to face reality and this time, she had twin daughters. She was crying and falling apart having millions of feelings in her soul.

No one could understand her but this wasn’t her fault. For her, she was all alone with huge sky and land. At that moment, she was showing no gratitude to Allah, every step was feeling a burden on her shoulders. For so many times, she sacrifices her own happiness and her family to see them in high spirits. But family pressure and sarcasm was making her condition more miserable, Everyone was making her realize that what will happen next when all her 5 daughters will grow, how sorrow will be there bringing up, their financial problem during their marriages, and about their study and how our society will look at them with sympathy and girls have to pay the amount for the mistakes they had never done.

So every visitor was repentant instead of greeting them with good wishes to them. Our society never missed the chance to condemn and let down. Gradually her husband feelings of affection and adore were being blurred day by day and created detest and a strong abomination in his heart, without even realizing that whatever happened was not her fault. So many of relatives were given the suggestion of second marriage to her husband without asking her and without her consent, she lacked her importance as she was nothing. She seemed quite but her heart was drowning after two to three months, her husband left her with daughters and went for another marriage, leading her to divorce.

All this was so terrific, she was screwed up, it all shits the bricks, those nights was darker, with no hope of light, days passed by and she was asked to leave home, her husband’s disloyalty and unacceptance made her more weak and strong at the same time, it revealed a bitter reality which was now to be accepted, her dreams and hopes were handed to another cruel incidence but bad obviously. Her parents’ house, she wasn’t warmly welcomed there, the bruises on the skin may one day fade but the jerks on soul always remained.

The comments she got from family about her unsuccessful marriage and the more burden of 5 daughters couldn’t make her walk, erect, the hunch in her motion was breaking her, she was a paralyzed force, but verily uneducated woman’s survival is a big challenge, she had to support, not only herself but her daughters as a single mother with continuous comments of people around her that she would have listened to her husband about miscarriage.

We all know Allah Almighty give us the serenity to look forward and move on. Her talent in stitching was quite good and now as an average brown woman, she afforded all their daughters needs but not desires. The best thing is she was accepting her five daughters and loved them completely, she couldn’t give them all luxuries but giving basic necessities, with education. According to me, we can cut all the flowers but we. Cannot keep springs from coming. Our surrounding is full of negativity, it’s difficult to seek positivity in this time.

This world is becoming materialistic, we all lost our paths from religion, and our link with Allah is diminishing. We should not accept things, we are not okay with. Giving birth to a boy or girl is not under our control, Allah is supreme and he is the founder. Our parents should up bring their sons and teach them how to respect the women, how to understand them and support them in defeat and anger, teach them to have a warm place in their heart for their wives, same as we are expecting from other men. And as a society, our words can plant gardens or burn the whole forest down.

Submitted by “MAHNOOR JAVED”