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Pakistan Super League is Pakistan biggest Cricket event organized by Pakistan Cricket Board from 2015 to till now. Cricket event becomes more excited and liked by the people of Pakistan when it came to home grounds. Efforts to bring International cricket back to home was started in 2017 by the Government fo Pakistan. That government decided to conduct 3 matches in Pakistan, matches were played in Pakistan with peacefully. Later in 2018, the Government decide to conduct more matches in Pakistan, and hence in 2020 Pakistani Government decide to conduct the complete tournament in Pakistan.

All the team of Pakistan Super League 2021 announced their team’s squad for the tournament of PSL Season 6 in Pakistan. Teams of Pakistan Super League 6 announced their player’s names for the PSL 2021. Pakistani National and other International payers from cricket world will be part of Pakistan Super League season 2021. Some new international players announced their availability for this season of PSL in Pakistan. A number of Indian Primer League or IPL will also play in Pakistan as squad player of Pakistan Super League teams. So we can expert number of new international faces of a cricket player in PSL 6 squad in Pakistan Super League.

  • Quetta Gladiators Squad 2021
  • Peshawar Zalmi Squad 2021
  • Lahore Qalandars Squad 2021
  • Karachi Kings Squad 2021
  • Islamabad United Squad 2021
  • Multan Sultan Squad 2021
  • Gujranwala/Sialkot/Faisalabad/Azad Kashmir Squad 2021

PSL 2021 New Teams

Islamabad United is the two time Pakistan Super League title, winner. They always choose the best squad for the tournament. This is the reason behind their two titles of PSL. So, Islamabad United announced Squad for Pakistan Super League 2021. They have a number well performance player part of their squad in PSL season 6. According to international sports experts, Islamabad United choose the best players for this season of Pakistan Super League in PSL 2021. As every team try to get the best players for PSL tournament, but sometimes squad does not perform as team owners and coaches expect from the players. Hope Islamabad United PSL 2021 Squad will perform well in this season.

Peshawar Zalmi is the one tome Pakistan Super League title, winner. Peshawar won the second title of Pakistan Super League which was PSL 2016. Shahad Afrida was the first captain of Zalmi from 2015 to 2016. Later in 2017 during a match, he got injured and shift his captaincy to Daren Sammy player of West Indies International team. Due to a lot of respect from Pakistani people and his good performance as a captain of Zalmi force to the team of Zalmi for his captaincy. The team won championship title under his captaincy.

Now, Peshawar Zalmi just announced Squad for Pakistan Super League 6. According to national and international experts, Peshawar Zalmi squad also has a number of well-performing players part of Team. As Peshawar Zalmi always try to have new talent on Squad for PSL matches. The squad of Peshawar Zalmi give a number of players to Pakistani International cricket team. We are hopeful for Peshawar Zalmi PSL 2021 Squad.

Lahore Qalandars is the most popular team of Pakistan Super League from the first day of the tournament. Owner of team Rana Fawad is the reason behind the fame of the team. The way he responded to Cricket fans of Pakistan, his encouragement to the team and his love for the Cricket is countless. Behind the success of Pakistan Super League, he has a lot of struggle. The squad of Lahore Qalandars is always interested, as Lahore always purchase the most expensive players for the tournament matches.

Lahore Qalandars also announced the Squad for PSL 2021. we are hopeful that Lahore Qalandars Squad 2021 will play as they play in Pakistan Super League 2020. Lahore squad for PSL 2020 change the history of Lahore Qalandars.

As Lahore Qalandars never qualify for the quarter-final in Pakistan Super League history, but the Lahore Squad for Pakistan Super League 2020 make it happen and qualify for the semi-final in PSL 2020. All the fans of Lahore were excited to see the champion trophy in the hands of Lahore Qalandars on 2020, the Squad Lahore has was able to win the title but the due corona matches were postponed by International Cricket Council and Pakistan Cricket Board. We are hopeful for HBL PSL 2021 Squad of Lahore Qalandars that they will put the same efforts in this season of PSL and won the champion title for the first time.

Karachi Kings represents Karachi in Pakistan Super League. The team never won the champion title, but they qualify for semi-final two times. Karachi Kings owned by Pakistan well-known media group ARY. Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan and first Capital of Pakistan. People everywhere in Karachi can be seen playing cricket. So, we can say Karachi is the place where everyone can play cricket. Karachi Kings always hunt good talent for their team squad in Pakistan Super League. Same way Karachi Kings Squad 2021 will be the most exciting and well-performing Squad of the tournament we are hopping best wishes for them.

Karachi Kings just announced HBL PSL 2021 Squad. Most of the players from Australia, England and Pakistan. Team has a highly professional talent hunter, that is the reason they are giving local talent to Pakistani International Cricket team from their squad. Karachi Kings Squad always performs well in Pakistan Super League tournament, but maybe their luck not performing well. Karachi Kings squad deliver their best and we are hopeful for PSL 2021 or PSL 6 that this season will be tournament winning season for Karachi Kings.

Quetta Gladiators won the one champion title of Pakistan Super League Cricket tournament. The first title Quetta Gladiators was PSL 2018 season 4. Captain of the team was Sarfaraz Ahmad who was the captain of Pakistan International team at that time. Captain and complete Squad of Quetta Gladiators perform mindblowing in Pakistan Super League 2018. All the players from Pakistan and other International players of Quetta Gladiators squad 2018 delivery their best to team in PSL 2018, that’s why the won title.

Quetta Gladiators just announced Squad for Pakistan Super League 2021. Quetta Gladiators Squad 2021 has a number of international players. As the team squad has a number of well-established players that puts pressures of other teams squads in Pakistan Super League Cricket tournament. All the fans of Quetta Gladiators want to see the team as a title winner in HBL Pakistan Super League 2021. HBL PSL 2021 Squad for Quetta Gladiators has power for winning the champion title once again. Hope squad of Quetta will perform according to the expectation of fans in PSL 2021 or PSL Season 6.

Pietersen will be part of Gladiators in PSL 2021

As we know PSL 2020 was held in Pakistan and this Cricket tournament of Pakistan Super League by Pakistan Cricket Board was a great success other than the previous tournament of PSL. After the success of Pakistan Super League 2020 in Pakistan. A number of international players want to become part of Pakistan Super League teams squads. According to PSL 2021 New Teams PIETERSEN WILL BE PART OF GLADIATORS IN PSL 2021.

Multan Sultan cricket team of Pakistan Super League was founded on 2017 third tournament of PSL. Later on, 2018 team was sold to another party. In his first tournament of Pakistan Super League, 2017 team performs well to get the good positions in the tournament. Multan Sultan Squad 2021 just announced by management for HBL PSL 2021. Hope the Squad of Multan Sultan performs well. HBL PSL 2021 Squad can also win the champion title of Pakistan Super League 2021. As other teams of PSL 2021 has a good squad Multan have the same. Well known International players are part if Squad of Multan Sultan for Pakistan Super League 2021.