Depression is a mood mental disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness or sickness that affects how we feel the way we behave and belief”.

There are some factors which contribute to the cause of depression such as genetics, brain chemicals, medical condition and environmental factors. Biological cause of depression includes chemical disparity like neurotransmitter serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. These are involved in controlling crucial functions like sleep, anger, eating and mood. The decrease in the production of these neurotransmitter cause depression. Sometimes thyroid or vitamin deficiency can initiate or trigger depression.

Psychological cause of depression includes a source of stress, loss of job or income financial troubles, failed relationship, broken family, challenging life experiences, getting divorced, early childhood trauma, low self-esteem, death or loss of loved one etc. “Overthinking about future that we may not go through bad experiences this cause anxiety”. Some people describe depression as “living in a black hole” or having a feeling of the threatening dome. In occasion of depression, a person frustrated even over small matters. His sleep pattern change including insomnia or sleep too much.

Anytime feel tiredness even do small tasks take more attempts. His appetite reduced and weight loss increase sometime eats too much and gain weight.

Depression isn’t a weakness and you can’t simply ‘snap out’ it.

A common sign of depression in children and teenagers are similar to those in adults. A person always feels misunderstand react extremely sensitive using recreational drugs or alcohol and avoid social interaction. In an older common sign of depression includes

they lose their memory and difficulty in remembering things sometimes, they face Alzheimer’s disease; they become weak and feel fatigue physical pain. They always want to stay at home they don’t want to meet anyone and suicidal thoughts are common especially in older men. Depression is not a normal part of growing older and it should never be taken lightly. In the case of depression, a person loses all of his, energy, interest ability to take a decision. His interaction with friends and family become small. .He always feels guilty worthless hopeless and thinks that he can’t achieve any further goals in his life.

Depression makes people feel like they don’t have any reason to live people dealing with depression don’t find peace no matter where they go. They feel loneliness everywhere even if they sit in a room full of people. Many people dealing with depression attempt suicide because no one thinks they have any problem people dealing with depression have some physical problem like headache muscle pain but as it is a mental state it affects mental health and it needs to be cured just as much as any physical problem. if support from family, friends and positive lifestyle changes aren’t enough, it may be time to seek help from a mental health professional…

Depression is a serious situation and it should be dealt with by concerning a psychologist.

Psychotherapy or ‘talk therapy’ speaking with a therapist can help us.

We may benefit from family or group therapy sessions.

Psychotherapy is often used in along with antidepressant medications. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been found to be effective in treating depression. CBT is a form of therapy focused on present a Group therapy involves people with similar illnesses depending on the severity of depression treatment can take a few weeks or much longer and problem-solving.

Electroconvulsive therapy is a medical treatment most commonly used for patients with severe major depression. It involves a brief electrical stimulation of the brain while the patient is under anaesthesia. A patient receives ECT two or three times a week.

ECT has been used since 1940, and many

years of research have led to major improvements. Natural treatment of depression includes regular walk and exercise from 30 to 40 minutes generate optimistic sentiment.

We should take nutritious food, sufficient finest sleep, avoid alcohol, smoking and misusing the drug. If we are grateful for all those things that we had achieved, it makes us delighted and joyful. If we stop thinking pessimistically it reduces our depression.

Submitted by “Khadija Kishwar