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Klepon’ or often referred to as onde-onde or klepon refers to a kind of cake created from substances equivalent to pulut rice flour, candy, grated younger coconut, salt, water and pandan leaf (for the colour and aromatic odor). Klepon is a kind of dish this is ceaselessly present in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and in addition Brunei.

In Indonesia, onde-onde is known as “klepon”, whilst in Java and different portions of Indonesia the meals known as onde-onde is a ball of rice flour stuffed with mung bean sauce crowned with [[Sesame|sesame seeds] ].

These days, many dealers have made inventions in making this klepon cake. If the klepon is the same to the fairway colour, then at the present time there are lots of klepons that experience numerous colours.

Certainly one of them is Klepon Pelangi, the filling inside of which normally accommodates brown sugar is changed with more than a few flavors, equivalent to strawberry, inexperienced tea, Ovaltine, chocolate and so forth that make other folks extra enthusiastic about purchasing them.


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