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Raphael Nathan Nota Rabinovicz (Rabbinovicz/Rabbinowitz) (1835–Nov 28, 1888)[1] authored Dikdukei Soferim (Dikdukei Sofrim), a fifteen quantity paintings containing variant readings of part the six orders of the Mishna and two tractates of the Babylonian Talmud.[2] Even supposing he printed/republished quite a lot of different works, together with a characteristic he titled Kunteres Dikdukei Soferim that seemed in a weekly Hebrew-language periodical, his magnum opus got here out 1867-1886. His analysis incorporated visiting quite a lot of Eu libraries.[3] Noteworthy is its creation’s historical past of printings of the Talmud. A 16th quantity used to be printed posthumously[1] (1897).[4]

The timing of his paintings enabled him to make use of one font for the usual (Romm) Talmud and any other for variants.[4]

One translation of the identify “Dikdukei Sofrim” and the theory at the back of it’s “Nice Issues of the Oral Legislation.”[1]



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