The Rolling Stones will perform during a star-studded special event also featuring Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish, set to broadcast globally Saturday in support of health care workers combatting coronavirus.

The event placed on by the international advocacy organization Global Citizen unitedly with the planet Health Organization and superstar Lady Gaga intends to “provide an instant of world unity within the fight to finish COVID-19,” said its CEO Hugh Evans.

A-listers including Celine Dion, Elton John, McCartney and Stevie Wonder are equipped to participate.

A six-hour streamed event will precede the time televised broadcast, with a laundry list of celebrities set to seem including pop star Christine and also the Queens, actors Don Cheadle and Samuel L Jackson, and renowned athlete Megan Rapinoe.

A Global Citizen publicist confirmed to AFP that every one four Stones — Michael Philip Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood — would perform during the event.

“We are honoured to be invited to be a part of the One World: Together reception broadcast — from our homes in isolation,” the group said in a very statement.

The coronavirus pandemic that’s killed over 145,600 people worldwide and crippled the world economy has dealt a significant blow to the industry, halting concerts and festivals including The Stones tour.

The band was set to play 15 shows across North America starting May 8, but all are postponed because of the pandemic.

‘In this together’

Chris Martin of Coldplay come into being Global Citizen’s “Together, At Home” series last month, playing an Instagram live show.

In recent weeks Lady Gaga teamed up with the organization to assist campaign for funds to fight COVID-19 and collaborated to curate the special, which is able to be hosted by American late-night television personalities Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel.

“I want to focus on this global, kind community that’s coming together straight away,” Gaga told Fallon. “It’s this valiant effort that we’re all witnessing, this triumph that’s the health profession.”

“This may be a global pandemic, but take a second to marvel at the bravery.”

More than 100 artists are scheduled to participate in Saturday’s event, said Evans, who added that several of the performers — including the Stones — had heard of the trouble and contacted Global Citizen desirous to participate.

Evans said he “honestly couldn’t believe it” when nation rockers reached out.

“Music provides this moment for us to pause to reflect to unite jointly humanity,” he said, to “come back together and say you recognize what, we truly — it isn’t just hyperbole — we truly are beat this together.”

It’s not the primary time celebrities have gathered to focus on a crisis: 1985’s Live Aid benefit held simultaneously in London and Philadelphia assembled a number of the world’s top musicians, including Queen, to play in support of famine relief in Ethiopia.

Global Citizen intends Saturday’s event as a “rallying cry” to support doctors and action for charities on an area level.

It is also urging philanthropists, companies and governments to support the WHO in its coronavirus response efforts, saying its already raised $35 million for local organizations and also the international health body’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

“This is absolutely a crucial age that we sleep in, where people are grappling with — do they become more isolationist or do they become global citizens?” CEO Evans told AFP.

“I think if COVID-19 has taught us anything it’s that a disease anywhere can mean a disease everywhere.”

The global concert in support of the WHO would seem particularly symbolic considering US President Donald Trump’s announcement that he’s halting US funding of the UN body, accusing it of mismanaging the COVID-19 crisis.

Without directly referencing the US leader, Evans said now could be the time to support the WHO, “not to run away.”

“Multilateralism is that the only thanks to fight pandemics,” he said. “You can’t fight a worldwide pandemic one nation at a time.”