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Roneam Daun Sam Flora and fauna Sanctuary (Khmer: ដែនជម្រកសត្វព្រៃរនាមដូនសំ) was once a safe space positioned in western Cambodia, created in 1993 by way of Royal Decree, in the beginning protecting 178,750 hectares,[1] lowered to 39,961 hectares following a number of PADDD occasions.[2] The sanctuary was once dissolved in February 2018 by way of a royal decree.[3] Sao Sopheap, then-spokesman for the Ministry of Setting mentioned “Households of infantrymen below the Khmer Rouge went to occupy spaces of the Roneam Daun Sam Flora and fauna Sanctuary, and later all the way through integration in 1998, the federal government made up our minds to present folks the land that they have been occupying, and ceaselessly equipped land titles to them. So, the ones spaces have misplaced serve as or are now not used as natural world sanctuaries.”[4]




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