Drug addiction is a common problem all over the world today. There are many forms of drug addiction, but the most dangerous of all is the absolute dependence on it. Some kinds of drugs that cause disturbance of mind and body are heroin, marijuana, tobacco, valium, cocaine and alcohol. Long-term use of drugs causes permanent mental and physical sickness. When a person smokes, he inhales a lot of smoke which directly goes into his lungs. Carbon monoxide that is present in the smoke mixes with the blood and causes the blood capillaries to contract. It causes blood pressure and lungs cancer. Nicotine that is present in tobacco causes numbness and relaxes the mind. And the second hazard is the environment. A lot of smoke pollutes the atmosphere that is another cause of global warming.

Drug addiction is caused by both environmental and genetic factors. Environmental factors that may cause drug addiction are bad peer influence and troubling domestic background. When young people remain in bad company and do experiments in the name of adventure, they may fall a prey to addiction. The people who are dissatisfied and discontented with their lives may also resort to drug addiction. Genetic factors include structural failure in the brain of a person and psychological issues. 

The world has developed materially a lot for the last five decades. Many worries and financial restraints have forced the man to seek refuge somewhere. Drugs and tranquillizers are one source to put man’s mind into oblivion thus making him forgetful of existing bitter realities. Hence drugs and cigarettes are the substitute for some panacea. Some juveniles resort to smoke just for the sake of being snobbish. While some so-called intellectuals insist that cigarettes for them contain some sort of muse that facilitates their creative urge. They claim that smoking for them is like an electric charge that recharges the battery of their creative faculty. 

The most important measure to be taken in this regard is the rehabilitation and recovery of a drug addict. In many countries, including Pakistan, addicts their families and friends consider it a taboo to share their problem with others. They feel embarrassed to talk about it for fear of being declared an outcast. This not only makes the cure difficult but in most cases, the addicts die due to lack of timely treatment and counselling.

Drug addiction is really a very serious threat to any society. In Pakistan alone, there are almost five million drug addicts. Addicts undergo numerous economic, social and health problems. The governments all over the world have been trying to eliminate drug addiction from society but still more efforts are needed to completely wipe it out. This can only be made possible if the people become increasingly aware of the threats that drugs pose. They should vow firmly to live a healthy and meaningful life.

Submitted by “Areej Fatima”