Effective treatments are available, yet patients and their families often find it hard to access good care. In Pakistan, this is often due to poor service provision, but sometimes it is simply down to misinformation, Unfortunately, this has led to the misconception that the illness is characterized by a “split personality “, which it is not “ It is a failure to appreciate that symptoms are not real or caused by illness Hallucinations can occur in any sense touch, smell, taste, or vision but auditory. In schizophrenia patients think they are victims of some form of threat or are central to a conspiracy and their thoughts or actions are being controlled by external forces or person. Its negative symptoms include social withdrawal, self-neglect, loss of motivation and initiative and paucity of speech.

People with schizophrenia typically hear voices, which often criticize or abuse them and there is pronounced decline in social, academic, or employment performance schizophrenia reflects a quantitative rather than qualitative deviation from normality, rather like hypertension or diabetes patients with schizophrenia are more likely to have experienced obstetric complications collectively, these risk factors point to an interaction between biological, psychological, social risk factors that drive increasingly deviant development and finally frank psychosis furthermore, these volumes changes have the greatest impact on grey matter in the frontal and temporal lobes  

Patient’s  Story

Henry grew up in Uganda and came to the UK about three years before he started to unwell at the age of 25. He was living with his partner and had a son. He initially became more unpredictable; eventually, the relationship, ended and he moved out. He became increasingly preoccupied that he was the victim of a conspiracy that seemed to involve one of his neighbours over a period of months.

Henry became increasingly concerned that the neighbours were playing tricks on him – sending him messages and talking to him through walls that separated their homes. One night  Henry decided to confront the neighbours, and he was arrested shortly afterwards and he was transferred to the hospital. Henry was convicted of threatening behaviour but received a hospital order under mental health.

Act 1983 he was treated as a patient for the next two years with antipsychotic medication an inside oriented cognitive therapy. He is know treated and supervised by his local community forensic psychiatry. He lives in his on housing association flat and works five days a week in a local supermarket,  he was recently offered a promotion and sees his son every week  

Drug companies have emphasized the superior side effect profile of these drugs. The lowest effective dose of antipsychotics should be used clozapine is the only antipsychotic that can reduce positive and negative symptoms in patients with treatment resistance. It should be provided for at least 10 sessions over three months. It aims to prove communication and raise awareness in all people and reduce distress.

Submitted by “Sehar Sheikh