Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner appear to be hopeless romantics and only in the near past, a glimpse into their story was revealed, leaving fans in awe.

In a new Amazon Prime Video documentary, Happiness Continues, Joe Jonas discloses on actuality meaning behind the song Hesitate and why it’s always held such a high place in his heart.

“Hesitate could be a song I wrote. It’s like my vows before I wrote my vows. It’s my promise to Sophie,” he admitted. “I can see within the audience when it’s definitely those other people’s songs. I see couples holding one another. I see somebody that song got them through something. For me, it takes me to a full different universe. I’m seeing her walk down the aisle again when I close my eyes.”

The song is inspired by Joe and Sophie’s crazy romance, featuring lyrics like “I will take your pain and put it on my heart” and “I thank the oceans for giving me you. You saved me once and now I’ll prevent, too. I won’t hesitate to you.”