MOSCOW (The Youth International Pakistani Newspaper / Sputnik – 20th April 2020) Two space tourists who will fly to the International orbiter (ISS) onboard the Russian Soyuz MS-20 spacecraft in late 2021 will have a novel opportunity to celebrate New Year in orbit, materials obtained by Sputnik show.

In February 2019, Russian State Space Corporation Roscosmos and US-based company Space Adventures signed a contract to prepare the flight of two space tourists to the ISS before the tip of 2021.

According to the materials obtained by Sputnik, the launch of the Soyuz MS-20 spacecraft with two tourists and a Russian cosmonaut because the crew commander is planned for December 2021.

The return to Earth is scheduled for January. Thus, space tourists are going to be ready to celebrate New Year in orbit for the primary time.

In March, Pavel Vlasov, the pinnacle of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre, told Sputnik that Space Adventures had not provided them with information about the 2 tourists yet.

Roscosmos and Space Adventures are cooperating in space tourism since 2001, when the primary space tourist, Dennis Tito, went into orbit. Since then, a complete of seven people are in space under the space tourism program.