Children from single-parent families are more likely to suffer emotional problems than those who are living with both parents. The emotional issues from which they may go through include anxiety, depression or become aggressive and anti-social behaviour because they think that their parents divorced because they do not want to take care of them.

Personally I know someone who belongs to a single parenthood family. She had to face many difficulties in life because her father divorced her mother. She is still suffering from financial problems as well as mental. She has some abnormal behaviour due to lack of family care. She suffers a lot from mental strain and stress therefore she changes her moods very easily and frequently. Having all these problems she can’t focus on her studies and getting down day by day. Her mother is working to fulfil their needs and don’t have time to spend with her daughter. This lead to a poor relationship between them. 

The single parent also may have less parental control over the children in fact children are lack of supervision and they don’t receive guidance or attention when they desperately seeking for. As a result gap between them may widen. Children might feel that their friends are more important than their parents. Hence the communication is an important role in developing and growth of children.

As a single parent raising a child is challenging. They work to the best on doing everything to make their children feel love, respect and security. It is like having two jobs at once. Psychologist believes that raising a child is a very stressful task that a single parent requires to be sympathetic mother plus a strict and providing father as same time without proper guidance from counsellors. The most common challenge for a single parent will be financial problem. Handling the family finances, medically dental care, transportation, a household task such as repair & maintenance, so they must have a wise plan on their expenses 

So in the end, it will be better if divorced parents establish a new family life with their children, they should spend more time, patience, care & love for their children. A single parent will have a unique opportunity to influence their children for good, without the counterbalance of another partner, we could conclude that it is really important to give a peaceful and stable home environment in developing and growth of them, it is highly recommended that the society take steps to help in overcoming the problems of single parenthood.

Submitted by “Zainab Taj”