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””’The Two of Us””’ (Swedish: ””’Vi två””’) is a 1939 Swedish [[drama film]] directed through [[Schamyl Bauman]] and starring [[Sture Lagerwall]], [[Signe Hasso]] and [[Stig Järrel]].<ref>Qvist & Von Bagh p.44</ref> It used to be shot on the Centrumateljéerna Studios in [[Stockholm]]. The movie’s units have been designed through the [[art director]] [[Arthur Spjuth]].

* [[Sture Lagerwall]] as Sture Ahrengren
* [[Signe Hasso]] as Kristina – hans hustru
* [[Stig Järrel]] as Baltsar Ekberg
* [[Ilse-Nore Tromm]] as Helena – hans hustru
* [[Gösta Cederlund]] as Professor Hagstam
* [[Carl Barcklind]] as Doktor Frodde
* [[Torsten Hillberg]] as Konsul Odelgren

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== Bibliography ==
* Qvist, According to Olov & von Bagh, Peter. ”Information to the Cinema of Sweden and Finland”. Greenwood Publishing Crew, 2000.

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