British Pakistani boxer Amir Khan has urged the people to consider people who are hungry and in need of help amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Amir has been busy helping the poor and therefore the underprivileged since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

On the primary of Ramadan, the previous world champion shared some video clips and photos wherein he can be seen packing boxes then driving to the homes of the elderly to present them food boxes.

Amir wrote, “Packing boxes then driving to elderly peoples home to present food boxes. I’m fasting today, I can imagine what they probing.”

He went on to mention, “Take a second out and consider people who are hungry and wish our help.”

Earlier, Amir had offered to present his 60,000 square measure four-storey building to assist people littered with the coronavirus.

The boxer took to Instagram and shared a photograph with the identical building at the rear and wrote, “I am awake to how difficult it’s for the general public to urge a single bed during this tragic time.”

He added, “I am prepared to present my 60,000 square measure 4 story building which is because of being a marriage hall and retail outlet to assist people littered with the coronavirus.”