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The Urmia Clashes (9-10 February 1918) or the Urmia Rebellion was once a chain of the clashes within the town of Urmia between the Assyrian Volunteers lead by way of Agha Petros and Malik Khoshaba towards the town mayor Irshad Homayun and his supporters together with Basic Arshad el Moolk. this could be led to by way of the Russian withdrawal from there territories in Qajar Iran because of the Russian Revolution.


On January 11 the primary Struggle between the Assyrians and the Iranian Goverment passed off when 55 Assyian infantrymen out the 100 stationed in Salamas left for Julfa to get clothes for the military the place ambushed and killed by way of the Iranian military, quickly after the Iranians attacked the Assyrians stationed in Khoy however the place driven again and would simplest retain 42 out of the the unique 100.[7] This incident was once temporarily brought to the Patraich Mar Benyamin Shimun who after seeing Iranian cavalry depart Tabriz and move in opposition to Urmia despatched delegates together with Agha Petros to the mayor of Urmia Irshad Homayun who mentioned the killings would not prevent which would depart the Assyrian delegates saddened, after listening to the scoop Mar Benyamin organized a gathering with the Central council of Assyrians and Armenians and there they got here to the settlement to battle if the Iranians the place to try to expel them.[8]

On February 9 some Assyrians the place coming into the town throughout the western gate once they the place shot upon and killed by way of the warriors of Arshad el Mook, quickly after a distinct drive was once despatched by way of Arshad el Moolk to enclose Agha Petros in his house within the christian quarter who advised his circle of relatives then shot a system gun he had planted able throughout the construction at them. Whilst the partitions and home windows of his mansion have been being riddled by way of their bullets, he thinned down so impulsively and so successfully the road of the attackers, that they left the lots in their useless and wounded and fled leaving their useless.[9]

Quickly after an Assyrian drive of 600 the place despatched to occupy the towns Space of Customs, quickly after Agha Petros a village known as Hyperabat to carry guns and Cannon’s with Russian running shoes left there and shortly after arrived in Urmia. There they waited to look if the Iranians would assault first because the Assyrians did not need to get started hostilities, quickly after the Iranian Military attacked a guns depot whilst the Assyrian military was once consuming which compelled them to counterattack the Iranians.[10]

The Assyrians entrenched themselves and started interact, the Assyrians the place given command to carry the location regardless of.[11] Quickly after 150 warring parties have been despatched to the guns depot to unfastened it during which they used grenades and bayonets they launched the guns depot and killed many from the Iranians.[12]

Iranian advances into Assyrian held portions of the town the place stopped by way of Agha Petros, Quickly after Patriarch Mar Benyamin and Basic Agha Petros the place considering what they might do the following day however in a while after each Arshad el Mook Basic the Iranian military and Irshad Homayun led some other try was once made to defeat the Assyrians however that still was once put down by way of the Assyrians who remained in the similar positions they’d all the day. n the primary day of the combat all the western a part of the town had fallen into the palms of the Assyrians. Throughout the evening, further troops have been stationed within the town and at one of the crucial western gates, it was once determined to occupy by way of smaller gadgets another positions within the southern a part of the town because the gate additionally was once close to an American project. On the southern gate was once stationed Malik Khoshaba with some 2 hundred of his personal Tyari warring parties. Their place confronted at once the traditional portions of the town which which the next morning can be held by way of very huge forces of the enemy. Within the rear of the Tyari warring parties and about half of one mile away outdoor the town wall was once some other fortress taken by way of Karadagh horsemen.[13]

Early within the morning of Saturday February tenth The hostilities opened in a similar fashion within the town and out of the town. Some Assyrian troops have been bringing ammunition to their comrades who have been being attacked throughout the partitions of Urmia once they have been intercepted by way of the horsemen of Karadagh who emerged from the fortress and tried to seize the ammunition and likewise the cannon, which they have been mentioning on the name of Agha Petros. The Karadagh warring parties underneath their Persian officials the place defeated, and fled again into the safe haven of the fortress. The Assyrians planted their weapons towards the stronghold after which took it by way of attack. The well-known horsemen the place defeated and amongst their useless was once the frame of Riza Khan, a Persian Basic. For the time being, the boys of Malik Khoshaba, on the southern gate, and at once reverse the traditional ramparts throughout the partitions, driven again the troops of Arshad el Moolk. They surrounded the ramparts and took that stronghold. The Assyrian troops located at the primary boulevard resulting in the western gate referred to as the gate of Charbash had driven additional east into the town, and had driven again the troops of Arshad el Moolk. The Muslim citizens of Urmia vacated the streets and carried out a guerrilla war from the roofs and the home windows in their homes. Extraordinarily apprehensive to save lots of the lives of his males, Agha Petros issued orders to the troops to halt their advance.[14]

Quickly after the persians surrendered and the Urmia muslims started to wave white flags of give up, Arshad el Moolk surrendered[15] whilst the mayor Irshad Homayun ran to the french bishop Monsignor Sontag who Irshad would in the end homicide Bishop Sontag together with Mar Toma Audo.[16]

On this combat the Iranians misplaced greater than one thousand individuals and from the Assyrians at least 80 individuals.[17]

The Tyari Combatants the place given primary credit score for there effort within the combat.[18]


The town was once nonetheless being guarded by way of the Assyrian troops when the Patriarch along with his personal advisers and Generals despatched additionally after the representatives of the allied powers to listen to the stipulations he had ready for the Urmia Muslims acceptance of give up and likewise to have them provide when the Muslim Mullah’s signed the ones stipulations. the stipulations the place:

1. The workout of all authority will likely be thereafter within the palms of the Assyrians.

2. The Muslim police drive can be disbanded each within the town and within the rural districts and to get replaced by way of the Assyrians.

3. Inside forty-eight hours the Muslim’s all over should give up all their hands of all descriptions.

4. The arrest and imprisonment of the manager agitators, incluing Moosa Agha Sadir, Arshad Homayun, Irshad-el-Moolk and Haji Samad.

5. Complete indemnity, the quantity of which was once to be later made up our minds, to be paid to the households of the French officials who have been wounded in that combat in case in their demise or in the event that they survived a smaller indemnity to be paid for the wounds suffered by way of them.

6. The Governor Ejlal el Moolk to be held chargeable for the former outrages towards the Christians, and likewise for the bloodshed resultant to the smash of hostilities, that have been commenced along with his wisdom and by way of his permission.

7. The Assyrians will then unfastened the Persian infantrymen taken prisoners within the combat.

The Muslim’s approved in fact, the stipulations offered to them and positioned there signatures and swore their pledges.[19]


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