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Willeya is a genus of saxicolous (rock-dwelling), crustose lichens within the circle of relatives Verrucariaceae. It has 12 species.[1] Maximum species are present in southeast Asia, even if particular person representatives are identified from Australia, Europe, and North The us.


Willeya was once initially proposed via Swiss lichenologist Johannes Müller Argoviensis in 1883 to comprise Staurothele species with light ascospores, and according to Willeya diffractella as the sort species.[2] The genus was once later resurrected to be used after molecular knowledge confirmed that species of Staurothele from Vietnam belong to an unnamed clade that has a sister staff courting to the genus Endocarpon. Those species, along with the tropical Australian species Staurothele pallidopora and the North American species Staurothele diffractella, have been incorporated within the new phylogenetically outlined circumscription of Willeya (3 new species and 8 new combos).[3] The primary Ecu species, Willeya tetraspora, was once added to the genus in 2016. This lichen, present in a botanical lawn within the Netherlands, was once rising on limestone that was once imported from China.[4]


Willeya lichens have a crust-like thallus with a pseudocortex (a boundary layer within the thallus the place the hyphae, even if distinct, don’t seem to be arranged right into a tissue with an ordinary cell or fibrous construction). Their perithecia have algae cells within the hymenium, a function shared with only some Verrucariaceae genera (Endocarpon is some other). Those algae, the photobionts, are stichococcoid algae from the green-algal genus Diplosphaera.[3]



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