About us


Umair Ahmad founded The Youth International on 01 January 2019. He is also the founder of Youth Group Limited which is a media company founded by Umair Ahmad in 2017. Youth Group Limited and Iftikhar Traders are the owner of The Youth International. In the announcement speech of The Youth International, Umair says:
“Youth Group Limited is the first Pakistani media company that will be the voice of Youth in Pakistan. Being young entrepreneur I want to see every young adult to contribute in the growth of country. YGLtd is now producing young skilled adults through Youth Institute of Technology to reduce the economic crisis of Pakistan by providing soft skill services throughout the world. I wish both Pakistan and Youth Group Limited grow to lead the young generation of the world. TYI will cover news related to lifestyle, fashion, sports, policies, travel, dining, gadgets, business and showbiz etc.”

Editor in Chief

Hamza Naeem (@iamhamzanaeem) is the editor in chief of The Youth International. Email ec@theyouth.com.pk


Saira Iftikhar (@iamsairaiftikhar) is editor of The Youth International Pakistani Newspaper. Email edior@theyouth.com.pk


The Youth Publishers is the official publisher and distributor of The Youth International.